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A Comedy Spoof Horror Feature from Funny How Films

Mad Cow is a fast-paced, crazy comedy horror movie (with the accent on the comedy) in the vein of Naked Gun, Scary movie and Shaun of the Dead.

Mad Cow sets out to spoof Hollywood and horror movies in a new and totally insane way following the story of a Frankenstein-like experiment that goes horribly wrong, with hilarious results.

More About the Project
The result of a development deal which found its genesis at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, Mad Cow is the first collaboration between South African director / producer Michael Rix (Tengers, The Game of My Life) and UK based writer / director Michael Wright (Dark Side, Boulevard Noir) with initial funding from US financiers. Mad Cow shot in February 2010 in locations around Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park. It is currently in post production and screening at the Cannes Film Festival May 17th.

Running Time - 85mins

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